Seraph Events

Panama Global Investor Summit
July 15-20, 2019
Le Meridien Hotel, Panama City

What is the Panama Global Investor Summit?


Amazing Sunsets

A Near-Perfect Tropical Maritime Climate

Caribbean Beaches & Deep-Sea Fishing

Rivers, Lakes & Waterfalls

Tropical Rain Forests & Dormant Volcanoes 

One of The Best Countries for Residency or A Second Passport

Optimal Tax & Corporate Jurisdictions

Undervalued Investment Opportunities

No Taxation on Foreign Income

Home and/or Residency to Several Seraph Members

East Meets West Meets North Meets South


Here is a glimpse of what to expect.  Details will follow soon.

Learn why a growing number of Seraph members consider Panama home. 

 Local experts will guide us through residency, taxation, structuring companies and Panama investment opportunities.

 Global industry experts will address topics including global macro engagement, geopolitical risk assessment, how to improve your prowess as an investor, where is the world of crypto going and how can we make money from it now, and a variety of cutting-edge topics. Expect to learn.

 You will also be presented with pitches from thoroughly vetted companies including some of our existing portfolio and new deals we are offering to Seraph members. 

 Perhaps the most important aspect of the event will be the people you meet and spend time with. Get to know some of the best investors and most amazing individuals on our planet.

Save the Date! 

Where is the Panama Global Investor Summit?


Most frequent questions and answers

SERAPH is a membership-based, private global network of individual investors and family offices dedicated to growing their wealth exponentially by investing in a diversified portfolio of asymmetric global opportunities, including: private equity; real estate; forex; cryptocurrency; precious metals and more.

No. Again, all are welcome to attend these Meet-Up events. No sales pitch here, that’s not why we throw these things. We simply want to grow our network and that means meeting interesting and engaged people like you. By the end of the meet up though, we hope that we have shown the benefits of being a member and you apply to join.

No. All are welcome to attend SERAPH Meet-Up events! Frankly, if you are the type of person who would be interested in attending then you are probably the type of person we’d enjoy meeting.

You’ll get the full-on experience of what it’s like to be a member of SERAPH and that’s something that only a select few ever experience.

By a full experience we mean we are going to give you access to some of the exact same deal flow that SERAPH and it’s members are investing into. 

We will give you access to our personal network.

We can’t tell you right now if a SERAPH membership is right for you, and we don’t expect you to join just because you attend this Meet-Up. That’s not what this is about.

But we CAN tell you that there is absolutely no downside to spending a few days in an exotic location, with some of the best and brightest innovators, investors and entrepreneurs around!