Seraph Events

Seraph Meetup

March 5-8, 2018, Austin, TX

About Seraph Meet Up

Join an exclusive gathering of high powered entrepreneurs and investors for three fabulous days of learning and networking. We’ve brought in an “A” list of speakers to make this event one that you will not only learn from but also profit from for years to come. 

Our program will cover everything from Global Macro to Blockchain. We’ll discuss Real Estate, Tax Liens, Asset Protection, International Tax Planning, Offshore Structures, Precious Metals, Forex and of course Startup Investing.



Featured Talks & Speakers

John Kelly

CEO Unchained Captial

Mathew McKibbin

Founder DecentraNET

Paul Snow

Ceo Factom

Rob Viglione

Details about team member

Kent Langley

Faculity Sinularity University

Ladar Levison

Founder, President & Ceo of Lavabit

Michael Young

CEO Medatrix

Harris Kupperman

Founder of Pratorian Capital & Chief Adventurer at Adventures In Captialism

Raoul Paul

Founder/CEO Global Macro Investor & Real Vision Group

Andy Ellwood

Co-founder & President of Basket, Serial Entrepreneur and Austin Native

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is SERAPH?

SERAPH is a membership-based, private global network of individual investors and family offices dedicated to growing their wealth exponentially by investing in a diversified portfolio of asymmetric global opportunities, including: private equity; real estate; forex; cryptocurrency; precious metals and more.

Are you going to sell me on joining SERAPH?

No. Again, all are welcome to attend these Meet-Up events. No sales pitch here, that’s not why I throw these things. I simply want to grow my network…and that means meeting interesting and engaged people like you.

Do I need to be a member of SERAPH/an accredited investor to attend this event?

No. All are welcome to attend SERAPH Meet-Up events! Frankly, if you are the type of person who would be interested in attending then you are probably the type of person we’d enjoy meeting.

What exactly is the benefit I’ll get from attending a Meet-Up if I’m not a member of SERAPH?

You’ll get the full-on experience of what it’s like to be a member of SERAPH…and that’s something that only a select few ever experience.

By “full experience” I mean I’m going to give you access to some of the exact same deal flow I am personally investing into.

I’m going to give you access to my personal network (the same people it took me 20 years to develop relationships with, the same people who have made my colleagues and I millions of dollars!)

I can’t tell you right now if SERAPH membership is right for you, and I don’t expect you to join just because you attend this Meet-Up. That’s not what this is about.

But I CAN tell you that there is absolutely no downside to spending a few days in an exotic location, with some of the best and brightest innovators, investors and entrepreneurs around!